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O365 Groups

Managing Office 365 Groups in the Enterprise

The shift to the cloud has many organizations focused on the productivity features available in a given cloud suite. And Office 365 is no exception. There’s a long list of applications in Office 365 – a list that’s continually growing. But, Using Office 365 isn’t just about productivity; it’s also about security and control for…

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G suite management

Managing G Suite Groups in the Enterprise

At the core of every environment that is designed to make people productive is the need “under the hood” to be able to establish what users of that environment can do, what they can access, and – in many cases, how they can easily communicate with other users. The long-standing methodology (with a few exceptions…

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Securing AD

Directories, How Many Are You Really Managing?

Directories came from a simpler time – one where a single, on-premise directory was enough. But recent shifts in how businesses leverage technology – such as the digital transformation, and the move to cloud-based applications and infrastructure –  have given way to use of SSO (link), concepts like a meta-directory, federated directories, and more. All…

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