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Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication

Securely Extending IT with Multi-Factor Authentication

In previous blogs, we’ve stressed the need for IT to go outside of itself and embrace application owners, line-of-business owners, and other stakeholders within your user base. These people generally have better insight into the daily needs and changes related to the applications and resources that they use and can therefore manage the access to…

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Defining Roles in Active Directory

Defining Roles when Delegating Access

When Active Directory first came out, we were all happy just to have a few levels of administrative granularity. There were the domain admins, a few admins over servers, local admin privileges across all the workstations, and — if you were really cutting edge — perhaps some kind of custom delegation to a specific service…

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Forrester TEI - GroupID

The Real Cost of Managing Active Directory Groups

In many organizations, groups are properly seen as the foundation for security and accessibility to resources and email functionality. They therefore require regular attention to ensure that they are updated properly. In some cases, this task is performed by IT when a new employee joins the company and when one leaves. In other cases, it…

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