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Law Firms and the Legal Community rely on GroupID, a smarter Active Directory Management Tool, for keeping Groups & Users in Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft 365 environments secure


IT loves GroupID, and cyber attackers not so much

GroupID frees up IT teams from the mundane tasks of maintaining Azure AD & Active Directory Groups and Users manually – it’s automated. As a result, Identity and Access Management are more secure and less likely to experience a cyber attack.

Why GroupID Should Matter To You

  • Current customers give GroupID Technical Support a 99% approval rating.
  • GroupID received 4.8 out of maximum of 5 in Gartner Peer Insight Customer Ratings.

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Join the hundreds of companies that use GroupID to keep Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft 365 environments secure.

What GroupID Offers Law Firms

Manage Your Own Groups

Group owners can manage the membership, lifecycle, and delivery restrictions on their groups.

Multiple Owners

All owners receive the same access control and workflow notifications.

Group Lifecycle

Cases begin…cases end: Set expiration policy on groups. Group expiration notification comes with renewal capability.

Smart Membership

Groups are automatically updated anytime user information changes. All groups are up to date and accurate.

Nested Groups

Intelligently nest groups based on cases, areas of practice, title, and rank with a few clicks. Accelerate the creation of group hierarchies with automated dynasties.

Password Expiration Notification

Lawyers and associates at every level can reset passwords without IT involvement.

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Law Firms rely on GroupID

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Imanami Defines Group And User Management

Imanami, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is the leader in Group Management Solutions. Our suite of Active Directory tools provides solutions to provision users. Our solutions get them into the correct distribution and security groups immediately. This is the most basic and essential component of Identity Management.

The Future of Imanami

Imanami believes in its Group, User, and Entitlement Management solutions. We will continue down this path, cementing our place as the leader in our space while ensuring continued security and productivity for our customers.