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Get the Granularity & Visibility Required for Managing Access Entitlements

GroupID Insights automates the collection of permissions of the store where your critical unstructured data exists. Understanding the resources and how entitlements are granted to users and groups is necessary for maintaining a pulse on the overall security of the organization, regardless of size.

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What Can You Do with Insights?

Insights provides visibility into your unstructured data and digital resources so you can manage it with efficiency.

permissions management

Employees need access to files and resources to perform their job. Managing this access is challenging when requirements change – new files and directories are added, or users need additional access rights. This scenario gets more complicated when you collaborate with outside organizations.

entitlement and access

Making decisions within the entitlement lifecycle phase enables you to manage what users and groups have access to and how. With a detailed granular view over your unstructured data, Insights gives the seasoned IT administrator the proper perspective to the existing widespread data.

GroupID Insights | Permissions

Why Use Insights by Imanami?

We have 20+ years of experience in helping organizations of every type manage Groups, Users, and Permissions. With GroupID, Imanami created the most comprehensive solution for IT management. From white-glove onboarding to the best customer support, enterprise organizations can master management with GroupID by Imanami with complete confidence.

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“Your customer support engineers are knowledgeable, really quick and answered everything I threw at them. They saved our project – my boss loves GroupID”

Security Engineer,
Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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