IT and Education AD Group Management

As an educational institution’s system admin, you are the unsung hero of the Three Rs. Your work is invaluable to the people who use computer technology in school, but your job is not always easy. Chances are, you — like most schools’ IT admins — use Active Directory (AD) to manage who has access to the tech resources your school provides. However, AD can be a struggle without the right Active Directory Management tool.

Covid-19 added a fourth R: REMOTE learning

IT fell under added pressure in 2020 to maintain access to critical resources for students, faculty, and personnel. “Set it and Forget it,” the dependability GroupID is built upon, became the backbone for educational systems across the U.S. and the world. Amidst a backdrop of uncertainty and change in 2020, GroupID accommodated schools like never before.

IT Manager
Tustin Unified School District

Saving time is FUNdamental

Tustin Unified School District in Southern California has been a GroupID customer for 12 years. Like every school district relying on remote learning during COVID, they are more challenged than ever to ensure their systems are secure and that teachers, students, and staff have access to the right resources.

Here’s what the Network Manager for Tustin Unified School District had to say on the importance of GroupID in keeping their schools operating and managing active directory dynamic groups.

What GroupID Offers

Manage Your Own Groups

Group owners can manage the membership, lifecycle, and delivery restrictions on their groups.

Smart Membership

Groups are automatically updated anytime user information changes. All groups are up to date and accurate.

Multiple Owners

All owners receive the same access control and workflow notifications.

Nested Groups

Intelligently nest groups like classes, departments, and schools with a few clicks. Accelerate the creation of group hierarchies with automated dynasties.

Imported Source Queries

Transfer query sources when data is stored outside of a common directory.

Password Expiration Notification

Students and teachers can reset passwords without IT involvement.

Group Lifecycle

Class is in…Class is out: Set expiration policy on groups. Group expiration notification comes with renewal capability.

Join & Leave Groups

Teachers and students can opt-in or opt-out of groups depending on their security levels.

IT Departments Work Smarter with GroupID

Here’s how schools stayed ahead of the curve with GroupID

active directory groups


As the largest of 43 school districts in Allegheny County and second-largest in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Public Schools serves approximately 25,000 students in K-12 in 54 schools. Then 2020 happened, and managing active directory group types became harder.

“We’ve had a great experience with the team at Imanami. At a time when we couldn’t slow down for even a moment, having GroupID do its job without generating helpdesk tickets gave us the flexibility to babysit other critical systems during the pandemic.”

Director of Infrastructure and IT Services,
Pittsburgh Public School Systems

active directory groups


Bowie State University (BSU) is a historically black university in Prince George’s County, Maryland, north of Bowie. It is part of the University System of Maryland and is Maryland’s oldest historically black university and one of the country’s ten oldest. BSU has 22 undergraduate majors, 19 master’s programs, two doctoral programs, and 14 certificate programs. It became the first historically black university to include overseas studies.

“With over 6,000 students spread over the U.S. and abroad, we had our challenges in keeping everyone connected. GroupID simplified access while allowing us the control necessary to keep our resources secure. The best part? No, IT tickets for User and Group changes.”

System Engineering Manager
Bowie State University

All-in-One Package for Education

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