Videos: Dynamic Active Directory Security Groups

Group Management Best Practice #1: Create Dynamic Active Directory Security Groups

This video covers the question of how dynamic Active Directory groups help ensure that your groups are always up to date.

Videos: Preventing Active Directory Groups

How to Prevent Active Directory Groups from Triggering a Heart Attack

Learn how Imanami’s AD group management solution has helped companies bypass corporate heart attacks.

Identity Management Made Easy

Identity Management Made Easy Through Automation and Delegation

Learn how GroupID automatically manages groups, user lifecycle, opt-in requests, validation, and attestation.

GroupID Health Meter

GroupID Health Meter by Imanami

Sneak peek of our powerful group measurement, analysis, and reporting tool called Health Meter and how it helps you uncover potential issues before they cause a security breach.

Active Directory Administration: Temporary Group

Creating a Temporary Group — Active Directory Best Practices

Learn about creating a temporary group for scenarios where you want to make sure it doesn’t last any longer than it needs to.

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