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Alaska Airlines

GroupID Keeps Alaska Airlines Identities Secure

Alaska Airlines’ Active Directory is accurate and easy to manage while keeping bad actors out.

GroupID Secures Novartis’ Identity Environment

Novartis is the third-largest pharmaceutical company in the world.


International Law Firm

How GroupID Helped an International Law Firm to Manage Their Distribution Groups Securely.

Pet Retailer

American Pet Retailer

Learn How GroupID managed roles & permission across 1700 stores by automating group management, thus eliminating risks.

Idahoan HR platform

Idahoan Foods

Automated User Provisioning & Deprovisioning via GroupID by Consuming the Data though UltiPro HR Platform

GroupID Case Studies: PA Attorney General Office

PA Office of Attorney General

PA Attorney General Office uses GroupID to provision/de-provision accounts, manage groups, create directories and manage contact information accurately, with ease and exceptional control.

GroupID Case Studies: American Tower Corporation

American Tower Corporation

ATC uses GroupID to allow its company users to access, search, and maintain their directory data and groups via any browser; and improve accuracy of its distribution lists and security groups.

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