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azure groupID

Azure AD Gets on the Group Expiration Bandwagon

Azure AD Gets on the Group Expiration Bandwagon I recently wrote about the need for group expiration as part of a comprehensive lifecycle approach to group management. It’s a necessary step, given the life of group objects in any of the directories you manage won’t last forever. The only exceptions, generally, lie around built-in administrative-type…

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Who’s Responsible for Group Attestation?

Group objects in your directories tend to fall into a state of disarray without proper oversight. This problem becomes multiplied if you have multiple on-prem and cloud-based directories, making it even more  necessary to keep groups properly configured. Group attestation describes the process where an individual reviews and certifies that specific aspects of a group object’s…

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Expired Groups

The End of Groups: The Case for Group Expiration

Many directories contain groups so old that even you don’t know why they exist, who uses them, and what they provide access to. It’s a more common problem than you’d think.  “We should be deleting groups then, right?” might be your initial response.  And while the answer is “yes” in the short run, the reality is…

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