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security and productivity

4 Reasons for Managing Groups and Identities in a Hybrid World

Running some part of your business operations in the cloud is practically a thing in today’s world. The ability to easily extend your environment to include best-of-breed cloud applications – without the headache of having to own and maintain the application itself is not just appealing; it makes financial and operational sense.  But, as organizations shift to cloud-based applications and platforms such…

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data security and governance

3 Steps to Gaining Control and Governance over Permissions

For most organizations, the evolution of their environment is focused on addition. Such as adding new servers, applications, connections, cloud resources, and directory services. The same scenario applies to your organization. With each part of this growth comes an equally growing number of permission assignments. These permissions make up your current state of security. But we all know, once a permission assignment is made, it is usually never thought of again.  But now, among the…

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remote teams

How to work effectively with a remote team, the right way

The sudden change in global affairs has likely created new challenges for you and your team, making it hard to keep up with what matters most to your business — your customers and employees.   With many people forced into shelter-in-place by the current situation, the question of how to survive this pandemic has suddenly morphed to how to work effectively with a remote…

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