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Healthcare Active Directory Management Solution

Would you like your Active Directory helpdesk tickets to be reduced up to 50%? Medical centers and institutions became healthier with GroupID.


Managing Active Directory Groups and Getting Kids Back to School

Make Active Directory Easier for IT in Education. GroupID is helping IT cope with COVID and what comes after.

fortune 1000 active directory

Enterprise Active Directory Solution for Fortune1000 Companies

GroupID’s “Set it and Forget it” dependability provides peace of mind so IT can focus on more vexing challenges. It helps large companies work faster.


Automating Active Directory Changes Saves Time and Money

GroupID helped a client save $175,000 in one year by automating the company’s Active Directory changes.


Active Directory Management Solution for Education

Make Active Directory Easier for Remote Learning. GroupID is helping IT in Education with the Fourth R: Remote Learning.

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IAM Solution for Healthcare

Find out how some renowned medical centers and institutes became healthier with GroupID.

7 Best Practices for Better Active Directory Group Management


Getting a Grip on Groups: 7 Best Practices for Better Management of Active Directory Groups.