Would you like Active Directory related helpdesk tickets to be reduced up to 50%?

Trick question…of course you do!

Keeping clinicians and the business-side happy and productive shouldn’t be hard. Automating changes, delegating ownership down to the business owner, and leveraging best practices such as implementing lifecycle on groups, group memberships, and access control lists become easy.

When it comes to Groups, Users, and Entitlements, you get:

  • Enforced Group Attestation
  • Seamless Group Lifecycle
  • Streamlined Group-naming Policies
  • Efficient Permissions Management
  • Smart User Provisioning

What GroupID Offers

Manage Your Own Groups

Group owners can manage the membership, lifecycle, and delivery restrictions on their groups.

Smart Membership

Groups are automatically updated anytime user information changes. All groups are up to date and accurate.

Multiple Owners

All owners receive the same access control and workflow notifications.

Nested Groups

Intelligently nest groups with a few clicks. Accelerate the creation of group hierarchies with automated dynasties.

Imported Source Queries

Transfer query sources when data is stored outside of a common directory.

Password Expiration Notification

GroupID Automate will create a list of accounts with expiring passwords and send out reminders.

Transfer Ownership Wizard

Transfer ownership of all groups owned by one user to another in a single step.

Group Lifecycle

Set expiration policy on groups. Group expiration notification comes with renewal capability.

Join & Leave Groups

Users can opt-in or opt-out of groups depending on their security levels.

“We were managing groups manually and the help desk was fielding up to 250 per month. The impact of this was poor customer service, and interruptions to productivity. GroupID reduced our tickets up to 50%.”

Manager of Core Infrastructure
Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City

IT Departments Use GroupID to Keep Their Organizations Healthy

IT plays a significant role in delivering quality care to patients. Mismanaged groups, delayed access to vital resources and systems, and limited view into how groups are used can create real problems. Here’s how some renowned medical centers and institutes became healthier with GroupID.


Cedar-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles was having difficulty managing groups and their access to secure resources. Plus, their network of clinics and hospitals continued to grow, which meant MORE users, groups, and permissions needed quickly.

“We’ve nothing but a great experience with the technical support team at Imanami. Also, our hybrid environment is manageable, and tickets are down around 35%. For an organization this large, with so many moving pieces, that is significant.”

Senior Programmer/Analyst
Cedar-Sinai Los Angeles


As Howard Hughes Medical Institute migrated to Office365, they lost control of managing DLs. After automating the process with GroupID, the helpdesk phones went quiet.

“We kept getting phone calls about delays in getting people access so they could do their job – good outcome for a hospital. Once we automated the process with GroupID, the phone stopped ringing. Silence is golden for our IT helpdesk.”

Sr. Systems Engineer
Howard Hughes Medical Institute


American Red Cross had hundreds of groups either serving no purpose or had members that were no longer with the organization. With GroupID, proper attestation and lifecycle policies were put in place.

“Identity and Access Management was out of control for us. With GroupID and the help of their great technical support team, we can stay out in front of how we are managing our groups and people.”

American Red Cross

Your health care specific business needs:

Trusted by Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

  • American Red Cross
  • Community Health Care, Inc. Davenport Medical Clinic
  • Compassus Hospice
  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • Centers for Dialysis Care
  • Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas City
  • Howard Hughes Medical Center
  • Ivy Rehab Network
  • Mid America Clinical Laboratories
  • OneBlood
  • RHA Health Services
  • Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute


  • AstraZeneca
  • McKesson
  • Novartis
  • Purdue Pharma


  • Anthem

Medical Devices

  • Avanos Medical
  • Ciba Vision
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • Touchstone Medical Imaging