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Active Directory group management

Group Management

Managing Active Directory Groups can be labor-intensive. It isn’t the case with GroupID. Automating and delegating tasks has never been easier. You can:

  • View groups, memberships, attributes, and more
  • Create, delete, modify groups and memberships
  • Opt in and out of groups
Active Directory user management

User Management

GroupID puts users in the right place with the right access. It’s all at your fingertips – automation, delegation, lifecycle, attestation, and workflows. You can:

  • View users, their memberships, attributes of users, and more
  • Provision users from an authoritative source
  • Deprovision user accounts at the right time
Active Directory Entitlement management

Entitlement Management

Administering access to software, systems, devices, and other types of digital content can be complicated. GroupID helps you pull back these layers of complication. You can:

  • Discover the ‘files shares’ from domain-joined file shares
  • Analyze the permissions on each folder and file
  • View reports on the cascading entitlements from inheritance

Who we are?

Imanami Corporation is a smart, customers-love-us Software Solutions Company that has been writing the book on Group, User, and Entitlement Management for over 20 years. Well, it’s time to re-write that book. We’re not good at following, we innovate and evolve. We have put together the most robust Group/User/Entitlement tool so IT departments can kick some assets back to the CIO. Join us to be a hero at your company and eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks from your job.

“Imanami provided the best support I have ever received from any application – and I manage MANY applications. The engineer was friendly and knowledgeable, everything you could ask for in our time of extreme need. We needed to migrate due to us maxing out our SQL Express database. I was extremely impressed and satisfied, I cannot say enough good things about the support.”

Messaging Engineer, Wells Fargo

IT Manager

"Imanami Group ID checks all the boxes for our organization account provisioning and management. Even with the complicated amount of attributes required for our users, the custom coding provided by Group ID gets the job done."

Sr. Systems Analyst, Harvard Law School

Support and Product
Howard Hughes Medical Institute



Customer Satisfaction

“GroupID is one of the best identity and access management tools. Overall, it provides a complete solution.”

Federal Reserve

GroupID Gartner Peer Insights
Gartner Rating

“Top rated solution for identity and access management.”

Media Industry

american tower logo

“Web-Based Directory and
Automated Distribution Lists
Boost Productivity…”

PA Attorney General Office Case Study

“Solid foundation for
identity management”

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