Company Details

Pet Retailer

27,000 Employees


1,700 stores

They specialize in the pet food, products, services and certain types of live small animals.

  • “Our group and user landscape are enormous. GroupId allows us to seamlessly add and move team members to the appropriate groups in our organization. I never thought it could be this easy – but it is.”Manager of Security & Compliance


This large pet health and wellness company is an American pet retailer. They sell pet food, products, services, and certain types of live small animals.

The Problem

Every store has five to ten Active Directory groups with different roles and permissions. Several departments within each store include cashiers, grooming, warehouse, and various levels of management. When partners are hired or transferred, their information and access need to be quickly updated. Groups include owners, general managers, and regular employees. Groups are based on store code and location.


  • 1,700 Retail stores. Within stores, 5-10 groups (different roles, permissions within the store).
  • There are partners hired or transferred. That info needs to be updated based on criteria.
  • Group for a store owner, group for gen manager, groups are based on job code, store location.
  • When HR makes an update, we want to remove it from the old store and send it to the new store.
  • The current system uses custom coding.
  • There are many lookups and concatenations by selecting groups / different attributes.
  • E.g., a list of all stores within the states. Member of a store within California gets added to distribution list for California; Breaks it down by store number in each state.

The Solution

The best and most efficient path forward was to use GroupID Automate to provide the customer with the capability to:

  • GroupID Automate

    • Automatically create, manage, and update all types of groups such as distribution lists, security groups, and MS 365 groups.
    • Dynamically maintain the group membership based on directory attributes or database query criteria.
    • Automatically nest group and populate their membership by establishing criteria that mimic the hierarchical nature of their organization.


Success for any customer using GroupID is based on increasing efficiency and security while eliminating errors.

For this pet retailer, their use cases have been solved, including:

  • ACCURACY – Reduced Human Error with Query-based Group Definitions.
  • AUTOMATION – Delegated directory administration tasks to end users safely and securely.
  • REDUCED HELPDESK CHURN – IT Admins approve group creation, membership changes, or changes in attributes.
  • SPEED TO PRODUCTIVITY – Empower end users to update their profile information and attest to their organizational structure.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Supports industry-leading directories such as:
    • Microsoft’s Active Directory
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Generic LDAP-based directories
    • Messaging platforms such as Microsoft’s Exchange Server and Microsoft 365, well as Google Workspace of Business Applications.

GroupID Strategically and Dynamically Manages Your Directory

No matter what industry you’re in, GroupID by Imanami is the solution to Active Directory, Azure AD, and MS 365 challenges, including:

  • Distribution lists, security groups, and Office 365 groups are always up to date, increasing your organization’s efficiency.
  • Users are empowered to perform common tasks independently, reducing help desk traffic.
  • Security risks are significantly reduced or eliminated.