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Imanami GroupID can:

  • Save up to nearly 900 hours per 1,000 employees annually1.
  • Reduce help desk tickets by as much as 3,100 tickets per 1,000 employees annually1.

We are committed to the security and productivity of customers through innovation around group management. Simplify your directory group management with Imanami GroupID to improve organizational security, increase IT and user productivity, and ensure the accuracy of information of all your directory services.


What Imanami GroupID Customers say…

“My department was asked to create 34 temporary distribution lists which could have had a huge impact on our workload. What could have taken days took a matter of 5 hours and now we can focus on more strategic initiatives. We are consistently impressed by the people at Imanami, they understand information and identity management, and they are committed to getting solutions live and putting them to work for AT&T. We think we have found a partner who will keep us on the leading edge of distribution list and identity management”. Timothy Jensen, Messaging Architect from AT&T


“Before Imanami we provisioned 50 new employees a day but now using Imanami we can do 1,000 employees a day. We calculated 86 hours saved on the creation of 172 new accounts. Frankly, at this rate, Imanami will pay for itself in three months. GroupID Synchronize’s capabilities are limitless, as much as you can dream. In fact, we may tackle our international databases next with the product. Simply, the feedback from staff regarding Imanami has been overwhelming positive.” Dave Johnson, Vice President of IT from Grant Thornton


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  1 Forrester, Total Economic Impact of Imanami GroupID