Everything You Need to Better
Manage Groups

Get started to simplify your group & user management in Active Directory, Azure AD, Microsoft 365 (and Office 365), and Google Workspace.

Manage Your Own Groups

Group owners can manage the membership, lifecycle, and delivery restrictions on their groups.

Nested Groups

Intelligently nest groups with a few clicks. Accelerate the creation of group hierarchies with automated dynasties.

Group Lifecycle

Set expiration policy on groups. Group expiration notification comes with renewal capability.

Password Expiration Notification

GroupID Automate will create a list of accounts with expiring passwords and send out reminders.

Smart Membership

Groups are automatically updated anytime user information changes. All groups are up to date and accurate.

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Some of our larger departments that support all of our organization have employees that are constantly maintaining their distribution lists manually. Now, with GroupID, they no longer have to manage the lists, saving them huge amounts of time.

I.T. Manager,
American Red Cross

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