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Get started to simplify your group & user management in Active Directory, Azure AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.

Create Dynamic Active Directory Security Groups

Active Directory or Azure Active Directory Management of groups needs to be kept up to date. If not properly managed, Active Directory Management can be a time-consuming burden on IT resources AND pose a significant security threat.


Insider Threats, Least Privilege, and the Risk in AD Groups

Avoid making headlines like Walmart and Target did by keeping bad actors out of your AD environments. Learn about the 3 simple steps your IT department can follow to reduce risks that might be BEHIND your firewall


Entitlement Management against Cyber Attacks: The 6 times you might be at risk!

Your unstructured data is a primary target in nearly all worse case scenarios. Protecting such data gets harder if you don’t understand where it exists, who has access to it and how was it granted access. Without that information, structuring a smarter, safer technology environment can be daunting. Don’t wait – get the information you need here.


Try GroupID for Free!

Some of our larger departments that support all of our organization have employees that are constantly maintaining their distribution lists manually. Now, with GroupID, they no longer have to manage the lists, saving them huge amounts of time.

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