Many organizations still follow the traditional practice of writing or printing passwords on paper and keeping them in a physical vault, which would remain under the control of the IT department.

When you have issues with your password or you need to unlock your account, you will have to either track the person who may be away from the office or you will have to get the credentials from the physical vault. After accessing the resource, IT will have to ensure the passwords of the resources that were accessed during the emergency situation are changed to avoid misuse of credentials. The problem does not end here – the paper on the physical vault has to be updated with the new passwords and the resource owner, when he/she comes back, will need a copy of the new passwords.

This manual process is quite cumbersome, error-prone and highly insecure. Replacing the manual processes by deploying a digital password could solve problems like this in a fully automated fashion, yet ensuring the highest level of security.

Imanami GroupID Password Center helps to securely store and automatically reset the end-user passwords in the enterprise.

GroupID Password Center takes the concept of end-user empowerment one step further by enabling them to help themselves when performing tasks that were previously considered only doable by the Help Desk. Account lockout, password reset and change password are functions that end-users can now perform on their own using a Web browser in a secure and safe manner.

Imanami’s self service password reset solution for Active Directory empowers administrators by letting them control and customize the availability of these services. It also provides options that extend the default Active Directory password policy and allows you to further set specifications for password complexity.

GroupID Password Center is easy to configure and very scalable. Integrating seamlessly with our award-winning Active Directory Self Service module, your end users will have the ability to reset their own passwords when either locked out or simply forgotten.

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