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GroupID Automate simplifies the tasks of managing groups, saving IT time and improving the accuracy of groups and organizational security

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What Does GroupID Automate Offer?


Smart Group Membership

Active Directory groups are automatically updated anytime user
information changes. All groups are up to date and


Reduce Support Calls by Automating
Manual and Redundant Administrative Tasks

Automation empowers IT to establish policy and workflow
around how groups should be configured.

improve security

Improve Directory Consistency and

Ensure users are not over-privileged.


Reduce Human Error with Query-based
Group Definitions

“It was critical that customized packages be distributed to various groups as they required different levels of detail. With Imanami GroupID Automate, we were able to customize this in 15 minutes. What would have been a many-day project in the past was so simple”

Paul Lubold
Infrastructure & Operations Manager – Office of Attorney General’s IT Section

Product Features

nested groups

Nested Groups – Intelligently Nest Groups with A Few Clicks

Accelerate creation of group hierarchies (based on common criteria) with
automated Dynasties.


PowerShell Extensibility

Programmatically extend GroupID into existing processes.

data sources

Support Multiple Data Sources

Support a multitude of identity-based directories and messaging platforms both on
premise and in the cloud, including Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, generic
LDAP based directories, and messaging platforms such as Exchange Server, Office365,
and Google Workspace


Imported Source Queries

Query sources when data is stored outside of a common directory.

password notification

Password Expiration Notification

GroupID Automate will create a list of accounts with expiring passwords and send
out reminders. This can be combined with the GroupID Password Center module
for a complete self-service password reset solution.

transfer ownership

Transfer Ownership Wizard

QTransfer ownership of all groups owned by one user to another in one step.

Empower Your Group Management with Other Products


A bi-directional synchronization engine that makes it easy to maintain accurate information.


Self-Service Group Lifecycle Management for any Directory.

group reports

Customizable reports that let you monitor andreport on the objects in your directory.

Better Groups. Better Security.

Start your free trial for easing the burden of your IT department. Save a tremendous amount of time and money by automatically and securely managing groups.