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Do you ever feel like you are answering the same questions over and over again?

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I have yet to come across a customer or prospect who would not like to reduce the number of calls that come into their help desk or service center.  Those calls always have a cost and it seems that many times there is a better, more cost effective way of dealing with them.

I recently read an article that talked about getting rid of “dumb contacts”.  At first I thought it referred to end users, but read on and came to understand that it was from the book, “The Best Service is no Service” by Bill Price and David Jaffe.  (Amazon Link)

To them, a dumb contact is one of those questions or problems that should be easily solved through readily found content, or through some easy to use tool.  In your workplace think of the questions that come up time and time again which singularly don’t take up much time to answer or solve, but cumulatively take up an awful lot.

This is one of the problems which Imanami tries to solve.  We just didn’t know until recently that it had a fancy name!

Automating group membership eliminates a huge number of dumb contacts around being put in the right distribution lists and security groups. When an employee or contractor joins the organization, or when they move within it your users get put in the right places without anyone calling for a ticket.

Providing a self service tool which allows end users to opt out of groups eliminates all of those calls from the helpdesk.  Those individual changes don’t take long, but they sure do add up.

Finally, automating the user provisioning and de-provisioning process eliminates those dumb contacts between HR and IT.  HR doesn’t have to ask for a user to be given a mailbox, a password and a home folder.  It just happens when they turn that employment status to “active”.  Same thing happens in reverse when the employment status changes to anything else.

Make a smart move, and at reduce your dumb contacts.