A set of web-based active directory admin tools
that allow end users to authenticate themselves.

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Configurable Password Reset Solution for Extra Security

Password policies can be ramped up on the spectrum from easy to remember to so complex that it is impossible to remember. This should be true for your password reset solution as well. Password Center has been designed to easily fit the environment you are running. From something as simple as the number of questions asked to authenticate to increasing a level of password complexity even stricter than Active Directory requires, Password Center gives the administrator options.

“It took me less than 2 weeks to get everyone enrolled and using Password Center. Once set up, we immediately saw a significant 40% drop in help desk calls.”

Active Directory Administrator,
Large Accounting Firm

Active directory admin tools are simple to roll out and administer. Configuration is done in the GroupID MMC and is completely integrated with GroupID Self Service for a seamless management experience.

Save Users and IT Time

GroupID Password Center increases productivity for both IT and the business. Users should never lose productive time to forgotten passwords. And they should not spend the organization’s money calling the help desk for something so easy to fix.

An efficient enrollment process will prompt the user to pick questions and unique answers to authenticate who they are when they reset their password. A simple client is installed on each machine using Group Policy so that they are prompted for “forgotten password” when trying to sign in. If they are at a remote computer, a web page is available. Hence, making Password Center an effective active directory self service password reset tool.

Password Center is one of those ROI producing solutions that your users install once and is available at all times. This saves IT both time and money. Reducing help desk calls is the first goal of an effective IT organization so that resources can be best utilized strategically, thus increasing productivity by integrating an active directory self service password reset tool into their environments. Password reset questions are the number one cause of help desk calls, eliminate those and you are on the path to productivity.

How Does GroupID Password Center Do It?

Password Center is a set of web-based active directory admin tools that allow an end user to authenticate themselves in the case of a forgotten or lost password or even a lockout. The user authenticates themselves against the set of questions and answers that were given during enrollment and then choose a new password that meets or exceeds the current Active Directory password requirements. Hence, making it one of most viable active directory self service password reset tool.

The MMC administrative interface allows IT to create multiple identity portals, manage enrollments, notifications, passwords and enrollment questions in one easy to use administrative portal.

There are multiple levels of administration so the help desk can manage user passwords but not change password complexities for example. Or you might find it easier to have the help desk manage their chores through the web based front end.

One of the main advantages that Password Center has is that it is the same intuitive interface for your end users as our GroupID Self Service portal.

Easy to install

Integrated with GroupID Self Service

No more help desk calls!

Password policy more stringent than Active Directory

Multiple identity stores

Flexible question format

Client software or web access

Multiple authentication options

Enrollment notifications

Operating system

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 family
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 family (including 2008 R2)
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 family (including 2012 R2)
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7

Active Directory and Exchange servers

Software requirements

Recommended hardware