Consulting Services

Pilot Program

Imanami’s Pilot Program is designed to help qualified prospective customers evaluate the viability of GroupID for their business. During this intensive 30-day period, our team provides the assistance and guidance necessary to ensure the success of our identity and access management system. The process includes developing a list of criteria to be met during the pilot phase so all expectations are fulfilled. At the end of the program, prospective customers will have a complete understanding of how the Imanami solution can help them achieve their specific organizational goals, so they can make a fully informed purchase decision. This program includes “Platinum” level maintenance support, so issues or concerns are addressed immediately.

For this program, Platinum support is addressed during our normal business hours, unless otherwise specified by your Imanami Account Manager.

A recommendation by your Imanami Account Manager is required in order to add you to the list for this program.

Professional Services

Imanami offers a comprehensive set of identity and access management consulting services through our Professional Services Organization – PSO. Each service offering will be designed to provide the customer with a fast, effective and high-quality implementation of their Imanami solution. This work will be based upon a Statement-of-Work (SOW) developed interactively between the client and Professional Services Coordinator.

Services Offerings
  • Professional Servicesis a method by which customers pay to have features enhanced as part of the core release of the application that makes it easier to implement with your current business process.
  • Application Training: Hands-on interactive training classes designed for product administrators and/or end user functionality of the application.
  • Production Services: Once your decision has been made to deploy Imanami solutions within your organization, we can help design an entire deployment plan customized to fit your business requirements. The service starts with a site audit that documents your current environment. Throughout the implementation phase, Imanami provides hands-on assistance to help maximize the application’s capabilities to meet and/or exceed expectations. Our goal is to ensure that we help maximize the application’s capabilities to support the particular needs of your technical infrastructure and business processes. Documentation of the entire process is included with this service.
Extended (After Hours) Support

Special circumstances may require support during hours that are outside of Imanami’s regular business hours. Extended after hours support is a normal service for customers under the “Platinum” maintenance plan.

For customers that do not fall under the 24/7 maintenance plan, we can provide this option for a short period of time as a fee paid service. This service would normally be used for weekend assistance or after hours change request for test to production deployment.

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs are available for all Imanami solutions regardless of size or amount. The Maintenance Programs provide a variety of options so that you can select the program that suits your future business needs after product purchase.
The program offers Bronze, Gold, and Platinum service levels to help customers gain the most from their investment in Imanami solutions.
Support is provided 24 hours a day through Imanami’s Knowledge Base, Online Forums, and Product Downloads. Gold and Platinum support plans also offer 24×5 support.
Platinum customers receive 24/7 support for all issues with priority escalation for Severity 1 issues.

Note: Our normal business hours are Mon-Fri, 5:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT, excluding Holidays. 24×5 support is included in the Gold and Platinum support plans. Imanami offers U.S. Holiday extended-hour support for Severity 1 issues only for an additional fee. Prior approval from Client Services is required. The following chart will guide you to the service level that is right for the needs of your business.
Here are three documents providing further details about our maintenance levels:

Support and Maintenance Team Matrix – Platinum
Support and Maintenance Team Matrix – Gold
Support and Maintenance Team Matrix – Bronze