Nobody’s Active Directory is perfect.  And by “perfect” I mean with accurate identity information.  Users are an ever-changing group, they switch jobs, last names, phone numbers, cubicles, departments, and projects.  The users know this information but, guess what, IT doesn’t always.

So Active Directory gets lonely and out of date.  Eventually, nobody’s identity information is in there and it’s only used for authentication.

The good news is that HR knows this information.  If they don’t, your problem is much bigger than identity management!  So, what do you do?


Synchronize user information from your HRIS over to Active Directory.  Every night, every hour, every minute, as often as you need, check your HRIS for changes and bring them over to Active Directory.  New job title, not a problem: job-title ===> title.  New city, no problem:  city ===> l.

And for the stuff that Active Directory knows that HR doesn’t?  Bi-directionally synchronize that stuff right back at them.  Email, shoe size, mobile phone number?  Let AD be authoritative!

Here’s a little video sneak-peek at how GroupID Synchronize does it.

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