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Active Directory Best Practices: Group Membership Management

Groups in Active Directory are used for to secure resources on your network. Membership in groups eases the otherwise difficult task of assigning permissions for multiple people. Managing the process of getting users in and out of groups can be a tedious process but necessary to ensure accuracy and prevent accidental security risks. Use common sense business rules and logic to determine membership is the holy grail of group management. Listen to how even the most complex requirements are met with role based group membership management.

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Active Directory Best Practices: Automating the User Provisioning Process

Whenever employees come one board, IT is in the critical path to getting them productive right away. From the moment that HR completes the hiring process, they should be able to function right away yet, they are often not. As an employee’s career within your organization evolves and responsibilities change so should their identity within the directory. Getting this done has always been a labor intensive task or one that requires complex and cumbersome programming and scripting. Even more precarious are those that leave a project or the company – how quickly are their permissions altered to prevent accidental growth in elevated privileges? Join us to learn how companies have solved the problem of on and off boarding employees and managing their employment role lifecycle without complex scripts and custom code.

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