7 minutes or less webtacular

Best Practices for Better Management
of Active Directory Groups

We think webinars are way too long. The 7 Minutes or less Webtacular takes the webinar, cuts it down to the info you need to know and wraps it as a Teams parody to make it fun. In this first Webtacular, we discuss the first of the 7 Best Practices: Know What You Have. Learn, Share and Enjoy.

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From Azure to Zero-Trust, GroupID Has What You Need

Digging into Best practices for Better AD Management, Jonathan Blackwell, Chris, and our all-star panelists share their experiences in managing groups in various situations.

Imanami is a smart, plucky, customers-love-us software company writing the book on Group, User, and Entitlement Management for over 20 years. We’re not good at following; we innovate and evolve. We wrote the book on AD Best Practices and continue to expand on it as needs and technologies change.

Think you’ve got a better handle on groups than that?

We’ll help you answer the following questions for your AD Groups:

  • Are you certain that every existing group serves a purpose today?
  • Are any groups being used for more than one purpose?
  • Are any groups being used for more than one purpose?
  • Does every group have an appropriate owner that can attest to the group’s purpose and accuracy?
  • Do each group have a detailed description with a clearly defined business purpose?
  • Do you have tenured staff that no longer need access but remain in groups they no longer need to be a part of?
  • How many groups are nested within other groups?


Jonathan Blackwell

GroupID Evangelist

Host / MC

Group Provocateur

“Why I attended the Webtacular: I needed the information only Jonathan Blackwell could provide.”


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Key tips and techniques for establishing a firm hold on groups, their members, and the access granted to them.

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