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I am constantly reminded by prospects and customers how complex identity management projects are.  They have complex requirements, complex visio diagrams, complex regression analysis on ROI, complex sounding project names, and complex acronyms for everything.

C--Users-Killeee-Desktop-identity management project deadlineAll in the name of making sure that an employee can sign on to his/her computer in the morning and do his/her job.

It’s an admirable goal and completely necessary to have a business function properly.  The problem that I often see is that it is an end goal.  Meaning that at the end of the project that goal is accomplished.  Any guesses how long these projects are usually slated for?

And, while waiting for this project to end, those same old broken scripts and manual processes are running.  I present again, the usual state of Active Directory end user provisioning:

So, while waiting for your endlessly complex Identity Mangement Project to complete, why not solve the first and foremost problem?  Getting end users provisioned in Active Directory and in the correct security groups.  You know, the things that allow them to log in in the morning and do their jobs.

To do this, I present GroupID.  GroupID doesn’t solve all of your roles and certificates and single sign on and GPO administration.  It does something more essential and often overlooked, automate end user provisioning in AD and dynamically placing them in the correct security groups.  The flip side of that is it will also automatically deprovision a departing end user and dynamically remove them from inappropriate security groups.  Productivity and security without the complexity!

When giving demos of our products, I often point out that I’m a sales/marketing guy and I can write a provisioning and synchronization job in 10 minutes.  I can then create about 80% of all needed dynamic groups in another 10 minutes.  Think what an IT Pro could do!  Maybe 8 minutes each.

I know from reading all the industry rags that over 50% of you aren’t happy with your Active Directory provisioning.  Don’t wait for that complex project to complete 2 years from now; try out GroupID and see if you can beat my 20 minutes of work to create the appropriate jobs.

Seriously, Active Directory user provisioning CAN be made easy.

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