Imanami year in review

2020 will be remembered as the year that changed us all. Concepts such as lockdowns, mask mandates, and social distancing were unknown to most of us. Through all the uncertainty, 2020 had its positive moments as well. We were tested and pulled from many directions, yet when it mattered, we banded together and helped each other. 

We gave our customers one less reason to worry about i.e., GroupID. As the best Active Directory Management Solution, GroupID helped businesses survive 2020 and put them in a position to thrive in 2021. We talked with our customers, listened to their challenges, and worked our hardest to help them solve those challenges.  

We found new ways to work and collaborate, to learn and have fun, and above all, to stay safe. Even while we were apart, here is what we achieved together in the Year 2020! 

We are ready, 2021 

This year wasn’t like any year before, but we learned a lot about how we can work together in new ways to make things work. We do miss human interactions though, and we hope to see you in person in 2021. 

Sign up for free trial today and find out how GroupID can ease your mind while saving time. 

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Jonathan Blackwell

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Since 2012, Jonathan Blackwell, an engineer and innovator, has provided engineering leadership that has put GroupID at the forefront of group and user management for Active Directory and Azure AD environments. His experience in development, marketing, and sales allows Jonathan to fully understand the Identity market and how buyers think.

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