Back when your company was smaller, Active Directory group management was easy. You simply put new people into active directory and manually assigned them to groups so they were included in email and had permission to access resources like files and printers. Resetting passwords, responding to the HR emails, and getting everyone quickly online and productive was easier than it is now.

Now your company has hundreds or thousands of employees, and new hires are coming on board faster than your team is able to handle them. It’s starting to take days to get someone fully provisioned with the access they need, and when an employee is promoted or leaves the company, they are rarely removed from all the groups they had membership in. This creates both security risks and token bloat, slowing down network performance.

Imanami GroupID solutions can make all of these problems manageable again, while saving money!

GroupID Automate lets you create “role-based rules” so it automatically assigns users membership to Active Directory groups using parameters like geographic location, department name, or title. It eliminates the time-consuming-manual-and-repetitive tasks of assigning people to groups…while reducing costs!

GroupID Synchronize automatically synchronizes your HR Database to your Active Directory. When someone is hired, fired, promoted, or moves to another geographic location, all their attributes in Active Directory are updated AUTOMATICALLY.

GroupID Self-Service allows delegation of common Active Directory management tasks including group creation and membership changes.  Groups can be configured with expiration policies so when they are no longer needed, they are automatically removed from the directory reducing group glut. It even allows your employees to individually change personal information you authorize such as a new mobile phone number.

GroupID Password Center lets your employees reset lost passwords by themselves, saving 1/3 of help desk calls at $31 a call.  And, you, the Administrator, can require passwords to be as complex or as simple as you want them to be.

No more lost productivity due to new employees not being provisioned quickly, no more group glut and system performance issues, and no more security risks due to people being left in groups they should no longer have access to. No more lockouts due to lost passwords.

Give the right people access to the right resources at the right time, Save IT money for other projects, and save valuable time using Imanami’s GroupID Suite.


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