Active Directory Group Management

Active Directory groups are essential to any organization. Accurate distribution lists improve productivity; accurate Active Directory security groups improve security. An estimated 70% of all organizations don’t have a reliable Active Directory group management solution. Without a way to automate Active Directory group membership, an organization’s security groups don’t grant the correct access and distribution lists don’t go to the correct users. GroupID solves these Active Directory group management problems. Active Directory groups are automated and managed dynamically. Users have the option of web based Active Directory self-service to manage their own groups and group memberships… and IT has control over the process.


GroupID Automate

Active Directory Groups are as dynamic as their members: they need to change as users switch responsibilities, roles and locations. The problem is that distribution lists and security groups are often manually maintained by the Exchange or Active Directory administrator. GroupID Automate puts an end to this chain of manual processes by automating the creation and management of these groups.

Dynamically maintain groups based on rules that are applied to your directory data. When user information changes, GroupID Automate automatically updates the appropriate distribution lists and security groups. Your groups will never be out of date again.

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GroupID Self-Service

Managing Active Directory group membership and user attributes is a tedious job for administrators. Giving a web based self service option allows administrators to delegate active directory administration to end users. But you need controls. GroupID enables end users to update their own directory information and manage groups based on controls the administrators set. Group management is enhanced as users can create and manage their own groups, opt-in and opt-out of groups based on the security setting for that group. Group renewals and expirations are administered and controlled within GroupID Self-Service. Save your administrators time and effort by putting control of pertinent data in the hands of the end-users.

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GroupID Synchronize

Accurate data in Active Directory is essential for security and productivity. Active Directory synchronization should be simple to do; using schema detection, GroupID Synchronize will detect changes in either source and replicate that change bi-directionally to the destination. Whether you are synchronizing SQL, Oracle or any other data source with Active Directory, you will always be sure that accurate data is in all of your systems

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Password Center

GroupID Password Center

Password policies can be ramped up on the spectrum from easy to remember to so complex that it is impossible to remember. This should be true for your password reset solution as well. Password Center has been designed to easily fit the environment you are running. From something as simple as the number of questions asked to authenticate to increasing a level of password complexity even stricter than Active Directory requires, Password Center gives the administrator options.

It is simple to roll out and simple to administer. Configuration is done in the GroupID MMC and is completely integrated with GroupID Self Service for a seamless management experience.

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GroupID Reports

Exchange and Active Directory do not provide any reporting tools, so administrators must scroll through the Global Address List (GAL) manually, searching for their targets. This means maintaining Exchange and Active Directory can be time consuming and laborious. All too often, information is not kept accurate – there just isn’t enough time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Empower your administrators with GroupID Reports, a simple free reporting tool that allows administrators to view or print accurate reports on objects within your directory or GAL. Out-of-the-box, GroupID Reports contains canned reports every administrator cannot live without.

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Health Meter

GroupID Health Meter

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