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The customer journey differs for everybody. No matter your business need, our solutions are quick to implement and flexible enough to pave the path that’s best for your organization. With GroupID, it takes hours – not weeks – to get up and running.

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Shape your business with GroupID Active Directory Solutions Suite 

When it comes to managing Groups, Users, and Entitlements comprehensively, most companies are stuck stitching tools together. With GroupID by Imanami, you get an evolved, one-stop solution for all your use cases.

The demands of every organization are unique. What’s not unique are the pressures on IT to make sure people have the right access to secure resources and systems. Oh yeah, robust attestation, foolproof lifecycles, easy workflows, and dynamic capabilities would be great too.

GroupID Active Directory Solutions

Group Management

Managing Active Directory Groups can be labor-intensive. It isn’t the case with GroupID. Automating and delegating tasks has never been easier.


User Management

GroupID puts users in the right place with the right access. It’s all at your fingertips – lifecycle, attestation, and workflows.


Entitlement Management

Administering access to software, systems, devices, and other types of digital content can be complicated. GroupID helps you pull back these layers of complication.

active directory group management

1. Group Management, at automated speeds 

Groups and their members should be dynamic. When a group is created, it should never outlive the purpose for its creation. The members therein should also change over time to reflect only those users who need access to the information or resources the group governs. You need the flexibility to simplify, customize, control, and segment your groups for a more secure experience.  

Groups need to change as users switch responsibilities, roles, and locations. GroupID puts an end to the chain of manual processes by automating the creation and management of these types of changes.  

Dynamically maintain groups based on rules applied to your directory data. So, when user information changes, GroupID automatically updates the appropriate distribution lists and security groups. Your groups will never be out of date again. 

Maintaining appropriate oversite of groups is critical to ensure that a group does not outlive its purpose – and should be expired and deleted when no longer needed. IT organizations are ill-equipped to make these types of decisionsBusiness stakeholders, department leaders, or even application owners are typically well suited for making these decisions. However, they are not empowered to do so and usually lack the technical expertise to do this in a safe and secure manner. Delegation with fine-grained control is the key. 

“It was critical that customized packages be distributed to various groups as they required different levels of detail. With Imanami GroupID, we were able to customize this in 15 minutes. What would have been a many-day project in the past was so simple.”

Infrastructure & Operations Manager

Office of Attorney General’s IT Section

With our Active Directory Group Management Solution, you can: 
  • View groups, memberships, attributes, and more
  • Create, delete, modify groups and memberships
  • Opt in and out of groups
  • Enforce regular attestation of groups
  • Establish dynamic membership based on multiple data sources including:
    • Directory attributes
    • Database queries
    • and more
  • Implement group naming policies
  • Establish policies that impact the way groups are managed
  • Nest groups reflecting your organizational hierarchy
  • Maintain seamless group life cycle

2. Delegating User Management, without losing the thread 

Every company has employees moving around in-between different managers and departments. They are changing their job titles, phone numbers, addresses, or even maiden names. Similarly, they come and leave an organization at different intervals. 

To ensure user productivity, onboarding a user properly in the directory is necessary. Automating this task by integrating it with a directory-based HR platform gets the job done, the right way. It enables the new users to start working the same day they are hired. On the flip side, when an employee leaves an organization, quickly terminating all access becomes critical to the security. Managers should have the ability to make changes immediately without any dependency on HR and IT. For most organizations, it is the lateral changes that are frequently missed – such as users working on more than one project or with more teams 

Managing all this is a tedious job for administrators. Let users help themselves. You can create paths for different users and specify who has access to what knowledge. GroupID gives IT a complete lifecycle solution, allowing users to manage their own groups but also giving IT the control to keep it from getting out of hand. It gives you the ability to delegate user management. GroupID provisions, updates, deprovisions users automatically in Active Directory as they are changed in systems outside of the Active Directory. 

Having to report to more than one person can trigger a new set of challenges. Managing users in the scope of your directory is key because it reflects these business realities. Save your administrators time and effort by putting control of pertinent data in the hands of the end-users. 

active directory user management

“Before Imanami, I had to staff several employees just to make changes. That is no longer the case. The products were easy to install, Imanami was great to work with and the systems virtually run themselves. “What more could you ask for?”



With our Active Directory User Management Solution, you can: 
  • View users, their memberships, attributes of users, and more
  • Unlock accounts and provision users from an authoritative source
  • Automate the life cycle of users
  • Deprovision user accounts at the right time
  • Link accounts between identity stores
  • Establish clear managerial hierarchy and enable dotted line management
  • Transfer and terminate accounts at the touch of a button
  • Create ongoing attestation requirements for managers over their staff
  • Regulate profile validation
active directory permissions

3. Entitlement Management, helping you achieve accuracy and focus  

Your unstructured data is a primary target in nearly all worse case scenarios. Protecting such data gets harder if you don’t understand where it exists, who has access to it and how was it granted access. Without that information, structuring a smarter, safer technology environment can be daunting.  

Leveraging best practices such as implementing lifecycle on groups, group memberships, and access control lists become necessary. Why? Because it defines the granular means by which the entitlement takes placeKeeping the right approach for unstructured data isn’t easy. It is challenging when you are expecting your technical staff to ensure the safety and integrity of your organization.  

When it comes to data governance, access to sensitive data should be exclusive. That is, resources should be accessible by the fewest people necessary. Permissions should be the lowest possible for performing a role or function. An understanding of the data and entitlements is critical before an organization makes the above decisions.  

With our Active Directory Entitlements Management Solution, you can:  
  • Discover the ‘files shares’ from domain-joined file shares.
  • Analyze the permissions on each folder and file.
  • Interactively view in drill-down reports that shows perspective from both:
    • Resource entitlement view
    • Entitled user view of resources
  • Report on the cascading entitlements from inheritance.
  • When used with GroupID’s Group Management and User Management solutions, you can:
    • Make intelligent and timely decisions with attestation requirements.
    • Allow the information to determine lifecycle implications with renewing memberships that govern entitlements; or with letting them expire.

When combined, GroupID’s solutions around Group, User, and Entitlement Management provide the knowledge and peace of mind IT needs to best manage your organization

Better Groups. Better Security.

Start your free trial for easing the burden of your IT department. Save a tremendous amount of time and money by automatically and securely manage groups.